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Vermeille Internationale is a non-profit-making association  which aims to organise events that: 

- Encourage contact between international and French residents

- Help international residents take an active part in local life

- Raise funds to support local and international charities

The Côte Vermeille (Vermillion Coast)

So called because of the colour of the rock, it is the most southerly part of the Mediterranean coastline of France. Stretching down to the border with Spain, it is where the mountains meet the sea, creating a stunning combination of rocky coves and small beaches. This beautiful coastline is home to the picturesque harbour towns of Collioure, Port-Vendres, Banyuls-Sur-Mer and Cerbère.

No wonder then, that people of different nationalities have chosen to have a home here. 

The association of Vermeille Internationale was created in 2013 to bring this international community together, to make a more positive contribution within the local area, and assist integration with the French and Catalan residents.

This is achieved by numerous social events and activities which raise funds for donations to local and international charities.

Our membership is made up of over 20 different nationalities

Annual membership fee is just 5

The Committee

David Cadwallader - British - PRESIDENT

"I have previously lived and worked in Germany and Luxembourg. The idea for Vermeille Internationale came from a discussion among a group of international residents of the area. We felt that we could perhaps make a more positive contribution, using the skills and knowledge we have used in our previous countries of residence"

Linda Cadwallader - British - VICE TREASURER

"Before coming to Port-Vendres I lived and worked in Luxembourg as an English teacher. We have had a house here for ten years. I love walking, bird watching and painting"

Chantal Alcolea - French - SECRETARY

Thierry Palisser - French - TREASURER

Originally from Aix en Provence, I lived in Alsace and made a career in various government departments. I love to travel and discover the world. I have been living in the Eastern Pyrenees for three years.

Stephanie Browne - British COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER

"I have lived in France since 2002, but always dreamed of a home by the sea. We moved to Port Vendres in 2013. I love playing on a computer so really enjoy creating things like posters, leaflets, our recipe book and this website."

 STATUTES of the Association Vermeille Internationale...

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